WordPress is an awesome platform that will allow you to access a lot of great features for free in the form of plugins and themes. There are a lot actually to choose from that sometimes you want to install different features/ plugins on different pages. Which in terms of design and usability, i think it is great.

However, plugins uses server resources, requests and other things. All of this is affecting loading time of each pages from where the plugin being loaded.

There it comes the optimization! There are also plugins that helps optimize your WordPress site. They are doing a great job by caching everything they can and optimizing the files that they have an access to.

But, if you think about it the best way to optimize it is by removing the things that is slowing it down. Which in most cases are plugins. To do that you can use Plugin Disabler this will allow you to remove the plugin on specific pages. You can now choose many plugins or activate any features and remove it on pages where it’s not being used.

I am actively using it on most of my custom websites that needs heavy optimization. Specially on homepage and any landing pages that has poor scores on GTmetrix and Page Speed Insight!

Let me know if it helps you!

Written by Christian B.

I'm a web developer and programmer from Philippines. I have a diverse set of skills ranging from PHP, Laravel, Wordpress and many more. I believe in innovation and it is my passion, whether a project is a small or big - for me, every website deserves to be interactive and have the best web presence.