Let me start it this way, WordPress is an open source platform. Meaning everyone has access to the files. Developers who knows the core API or even the theme API can actually create something that can harm your website. Just a friendly note, beware of free premium plugins on the internet. Have you ever wonder what do they gain from buying a paid plugin and offering it for free.

Anyways, it wouldn’t hurt to secure your website by just installing a list of plugins, and it’s free! You should not forget that one of the best features of the WordPress is that there are a lot of free plugin. Take advantage of that but you need to become smart on using it.

The list below are all based on my experience and these are very effective on my end.

  1. I always start by installing WordFence. It can scan and compare your WordPress files. The plugin is checking if there are modified or added files on your core folders and other security guidelines.
  2. Assuming that you use other forms aside from WordPress Login. Installing Invisible reCaptcha would be great as well. This will help you filter out bots and spam emails going through your contacts.
  3. Enable Akismet, I know you’ve seen this already 🙂
  4. Make sure to disable your comment form if not needed. You can do that by going to your admin setting or just simply install Disable Comments Plugin. This is very important, this part of WordPress has a loop hole. Most SQL injections are using this to get to your database.

There you go, 4 simple plugins and yet it will help you secure your website. I am not saying to install those plugins as is. Just grasp the idea and you can use any other plugins that has similar features.

Written by Christian B.

I'm a web developer and programmer from Philippines. I have a diverse set of skills ranging from PHP, Laravel, Wordpress and many more. I believe in innovation and it is my passion, whether a project is a small or big - for me, every website deserves to be interactive and have the best web presence.